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Marcio Moerbeck

Prof. of Marketing and Marketing Leader

Marcio Moerbeck blends over 20 years of marketing leadership experience with a strong didactic background as adjunct faculty at leading higher education institutions.

Nowadays, Marcio is the vice president of marketing for the Americas at Datasite, a leading SaaS provider for the M&A industry. Prior to joining Datasite, he was a marketing leader at companies like Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and UTStarcom. His focus has always been on leading teams that execute strategies to add value to each customer interaction building long-lasting business relationships. He has worked and traveled professionally throughout North America, South America and Asia-Pacific and frequently speaks at marketing and industry events.

Marketing competencies:

- B2B Marketing
- Integrated Marketing
- Revenue Marketing
- Partner Marketing Programs
- Partner Management
- Lead Generation & Nurturing
- Marketing Automation
- Demand Generation Life Cycle
- Content Marketing Strategy
- Social Media Marketing
- Public Relations & Media/Analyst Relations
- Customer Life Cycle Management

Marcio is committed to spreading the word on how marketing can help transform and help businesses achieve success. He always uses his #AskMarcio hashtag to find those who are looking for a valuable lesson in marketing. 

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